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8 hours ago2.935 SBD and 5.062 STEEM POWER for mooyeobpark/168-2017-4-41-50
yesterday2.938 SBD and 4.982 STEEM POWER for mooyeobpark/167-2017-1-51-60
2 days ago3.084 SBD and 5.126 STEEM POWER for mooyeobpark/2-2
3 days ago3.089 SBD and 5.092 STEEM POWER for mooyeobpark/6kg9vn
4 days ago2.986 SBD and 4.931 STEEM POWER for mooyeobpark/166-2017-1-41-50
5 days ago0.032 SBD and 0.054 STEEM POWER for mooyeobpark/r0jq5a
5 days ago3.165 SBD and 5.211 STEEM POWER for mooyeobpark/165-2016-4-51-60
6 days ago3.026 SBD and 4.924 STEEM POWER for mooyeobpark/4eagv5