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6 hours ago0.303 SBD and 0.764 STEEM POWER for min520/wherein-1642056715282-s
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6 days ago0.355 SBD and 0.855 STEEM POWER for min520/wherein-1641559055859-s
7 days ago0.342 SBD and 0.816 STEEM POWER for min520/wherein-1641474802595-s
8 days ago0.177 SBD and 0.428 STEEM POWER for min520/wherein-1641384773747-s
12 days ago0.273 SBD and 0.689 STEEM POWER for min520/wherein-1641048820699-s
13 days ago0.318 SBD and 0.727 STEEM POWER for min520/wherein-1640953308408-s