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7 days ago1.765 SBD and 3.030 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/una-fuente-para-dios
12 days ago1.980 SBD and 3.214 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/a-new-relationship-with-god
19 days ago1.770 SBD and 3.236 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/un-deber-del-liderazgo
26 days ago1.391 SBD and 2.876 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/searching-or-waiting
last month1.630 SBD and 3.116 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/no-matter-where-you-are-god-will-prosper-you
last month2.004 SBD and 3.273 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/let-us-be-examples
last month1.732 SBD and 2.541 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/it-shall-always-be-well-with-the-righteous
2 months ago1.909 SBD and 3.351 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/no-hagamos-alianzas-con-los-inestables-let-us-not-make-alliances-with-those-who-are-unstable
2 months ago1.733 SBD and 3.047 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/la-renovacion-de-nuestra-fuerza-the-renewal-of-our-strength
2 months ago1.788 SBD and 3.237 STEEM POWER for mildreduh/apuesta-por-la-excelencia-evade-la-perfeccion-opt-for-excellence-avoid-perfection