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2 years ago6.720 SBD and 13.318 STEEM POWER for merathi/the-excitement-of-creative-effort-is-the-source-of-happiness
2 years ago6.073 SBD and 11.520 STEEM POWER for merathi/how-to-cook-salmon-or-tuna-with-mixed-seasonings
2 years ago7.549 SBD and 12.910 STEEM POWER for merathi/the-divine-peace-and-quietness-at-sunset
2 years ago6.835 SBD and 11.597 STEEM POWER for merathi/getting-back-to-nature-is-a-panacea-for-making-people-feel-refreshed
2 years ago0.334 SBD and 0.571 STEEM POWER for merathi/new-contest-a-poem-to-nature-on-days-when-the-sky-is-partly-cloudy
2 years ago1.077 SBD and 1.525 STEEM POWER for merathi/how-to-face-fear-and-progress-in-life