Mbozeko Brice

Civil Engineering student. Passionate about using arts for community development

Bamenda Cameroon Joined January 2021

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0.000 STEEM
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Author Rewards History

last year0.106 SBD and 0.183 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/best-street-photography-and-art-week-36-by-mbozekobrice
last year0.639 SBD and 1.109 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/a-normal-day-for-mbozekobrice-in-nkambe-town
last year0.081 SBD and 0.144 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/climate-change-poem-its-a-fight-for-all
last year0.556 SBD and 0.982 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/dear-young-ladies-affirm-your-greatness
last year0.768 SBD and 1.304 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/review-of-my-delegation-to-the-steem-cameroon-community
last year0.696 SBD and 1.182 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/steem-cameroon-first-anniversary-promo
last year0.098 SBD and 0.168 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/what-becomes-of-you-upon-graduation
last year0.014 SBD and 0.027 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/photo-contest-aerial-photography-by-mbozekobrice
last year0.008 SBD and 0.017 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/poetry-skill-contest-or-week-five-5-contest-by-mbozekobrice
last year2.268 SBD and 4.193 STEEM POWER for mbozekobrice/excellence-at-my-bachelors-of-engineering-defence