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Joined January 2018

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last month0.000 SBD, 0.048 STEEM and 0.049 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/s2ua9o
last year0.000 SBD, 0.084 STEEM and 0.088 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/rl3fe2
last year0.000 SBD, 0.093 STEEM and 0.096 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/rl3ez2
last year0.000 SBD, 1.460 STEEM and 1.523 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/actifit-mastergerund-20220607t031618613z
2 years ago0.167 SBD, 0.116 STEEM and 0.755 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/actifit-mastergerund-20220511t213505016z
2 years ago0.332 SBD and 0.826 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/actifit-mastergerund-20220425t201248445z
2 years ago0.278 SBD and 0.939 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/actifit-mastergerund-20220227t155821140z
2 years ago0.320 SBD and 1.061 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/actifit-mastergerund-20220214t203537207z
2 years ago0.332 SBD and 1.082 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/actifit-mastergerund-20220214t014943214z
2 years ago0.422 SBD and 1.324 STEEM POWER for mastergerund/actifit-mastergerund-20220207t155314088z