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7 days ago1.626 SBD and 2.703 STEEM POWER for marialara/the-strengths-of-a-dreamer
14 days ago1.966 SBD and 3.135 STEEM POWER for marialara/apresurados-para-que
22 days ago1.431 SBD and 3.231 STEEM POWER for marialara/i-am-as-i-wish-them-to-be-with-me
29 days ago1.327 SBD and 2.637 STEEM POWER for marialara/adios-temor
last month1.560 SBD and 2.530 STEEM POWER for marialara/mantener-una-esperanza-maintaining-hope
last month1.817 SBD and 2.590 STEEM POWER for marialara/dios-esta-presente-siempre
2 months ago1.836 SBD and 3.215 STEEM POWER for marialara/vivir-en-paz
2 months ago1.769 SBD and 3.315 STEEM POWER for marialara/amor-del-bueno
2 months ago1.876 SBD and 3.447 STEEM POWER for marialara/insisting-to-god-will-never-be-too-much
2 months ago1.720 SBD and 3.338 STEEM POWER for marialara/el-miedo-al-fracaso-limite-del-exito-fear-of-failure-the-limit-to-success