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4 years ago0.458 SBD and 0.106 STEEM POWER for maite/amanecer-c1f7d274b131c
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5 years ago0.215 SBD and 0.166 STEEM POWER for maite/super-feliz-2017825t154724916z
5 years ago0.209 SBD and 0.162 STEEM POWER for maite/re-superpako-2017825t1542835z
5 years ago0.197 SBD and 0.156 STEEM POWER for maite/re-superpako-2017824t155150786z
5 years ago0.199 SBD and 0.157 STEEM POWER for maite/trabajo-2017824t152724896z
5 years ago0.140 SBD and 0.128 STEEM POWER for maite/luto-en-barcelona-por-el-atentado-terrorista-2017818t161832673z
5 years ago0.175 SBD and 0.161 STEEM POWER for maite/apoyo-internacional-a-espana-2017818t155621543z