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last year0.007 SBD and 0.031 STEEM POWER for lorentm/drawing-whale-origami-appreciator
last year0.304 SBD and 1.320 STEEM POWER for lorentm/origami-whale
last year0.155 SBD and 0.672 STEEM POWER for lorentm/magallanes-region-prehistoric-park
last year0.228 SBD and 0.990 STEEM POWER for lorentm/drawing-a-quiet-afternoon-in-the-mountains
last year0.016 SBD and 0.071 STEEM POWER for lorentm/drawing-mario-bros-world
last year0.461 SBD and 2.031 STEEM POWER for lorentm/drawing-me-in-simpsons-style
last year0.178 SBD and 0.788 STEEM POWER for lorentm/drawing-pyke-castle-greyjoy-house
last year0.121 SBD and 0.531 STEEM POWER for lorentm/digital-cosplay-raven-teen-titans
last year0.058 SBD and 0.253 STEEM POWER for lorentm/drawing-trip-to-the-summer-paradise
last year0.116 SBD and 0.499 STEEM POWER for lorentm/drawing-me-in-dragon-ball-z-style