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last year0.281 SBD and 1.602 STEEM POWER for loellat/monthly-expenses-lite-simple-but-powerful-expense-tracker
last year0.236 SBD and 1.295 STEEM POWER for loellat/knitting-chart-draw-knit-crochet
last year0.200 SBD and 1.145 STEEM POWER for loellat/jobs-and-career-search-seek-a-job-apply-online-get-reply-instantly
last year0.312 SBD and 1.753 STEEM POWER for loellat/sway-ai-dance-filters
last year0.362 SBD and 2.182 STEEM POWER for loellat/apocha-the-intelligent-expense-tracker
last year0.224 SBD and 1.473 STEEM POWER for loellat/grepql-productive-api-client-for-graphql
last year0.324 SBD and 2.130 STEEM POWER for loellat/escapista-curated-videos-to-relax
last year0.190 SBD and 1.195 STEEM POWER for loellat/pk-fitness-get-rewarded-for-working-out
last year0.148 SBD and 0.837 STEEM POWER for loellat/kleesto-tour-operator-software
last year0.249 SBD and 1.481 STEEM POWER for loellat/mindcap-ai-powered-pocket-tool-for-personal-development