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2 years ago3.940 SBD and 5.375 STEEM POWER for lestim/my-next-journey
2 years ago1.511 SBD and 1.626 STEEM POWER for lestim/my-journey
2 years ago0.356 SBD and 0.917 STEEM POWER for lestim/contest-week-vii-world-of-xpilar-or-orchid
2 years ago0.397 SBD and 1.024 STEEM POWER for lestim/sunset-at-purnama-beach-bali
2 years ago0.427 SBD and 0.953 STEEM POWER for lestim/little-girl-dancing-in-black-and-white
2 years ago0.389 SBD and 0.968 STEEM POWER for lestim/new-contest-2021-the-world-of-xpilar-or-week-v-or-dew-drop-on-parijata-flower
2 years ago0.455 SBD and 1.419 STEEM POWER for lestim/balinese-dance-oleg-tamulilingan-dance
2 years ago0.012 SBD and 0.038 STEEM POWER for lestim/qo5bq1
2 years ago1.997 SBD and 6.264 STEEM POWER for lestim/new-contest-2021-lestim-winner-iv-contest-macro-photography-week-iv-community-world-of-xpilar
2 years ago0.330 SBD and 1.329 STEEM POWER for lestim/new-contest-2021-the-world-of-xpilar-or-week-4-or-red-hibiscus-pistil