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last year0.357 SBD and 1.533 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200813t143114975z
last year0.346 SBD and 1.506 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200811t135508756z
last year0.006 SBD and 0.035 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200617t193336121z
last year0.013 SBD and 0.070 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200616t195818398z
last year0.024 SBD and 0.121 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200615t204714722z
last year0.016 SBD and 0.083 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200614t210447024z
last year0.006 SBD and 0.033 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200612t221721722z
last year0.026 SBD and 0.140 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200608t214300118z
last year0.019 SBD and 0.093 STEEM POWER for kofie/actifit-kofie-20200605t221554149z