HCC- The Housewife Crypto Club started as a joke on a ladies night. We wish to share our thoughts and talents with the steemit community!

Germany/Spain Joined April 2017

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6 years ago0.125 SBD and 0.189 STEEM POWER for kathill/re-theycallmedan-disneyland-2018-10-30-18-11-55-20181031t051144104z
6 years ago0.000 SBD, 0.096 STEEM and 0.115 STEEM POWER for kathill/outa-jungle-the-art-of-survival
6 years ago0.035 SBD and 0.011 STEEM POWER for kathill/re-asperger-kids-ich-bin-enttaeuscht-das-ende-einer-taeuschung-20180426t174640510z
6 years ago0.008 SBD and 0.002 STEEM POWER for kathill/re-helene-a-lone-kingfisher-20180423t062717238z
6 years ago0.114 SBD and 0.046 STEEM POWER for kathill/the-magician-der-zauberer
6 years ago0.050 SBD, 0.004 STEEM and 0.039 STEEM POWER for kathill/re-erhgermany-re-kathill-re-erhgermany-re-kathill-re-erhgermany-what-is-reality-a-systemic-view-of-life-part-two-20180403t064637206z
6 years ago0.006 SBD, 0.002 STEEM and 0.008 STEEM POWER for kathill/re-reconnectnature-learn-and-earn-introducing-capreolus-capreolus-lerne-and-verdiene-vorstellung-von-capreolus-capreolus-20180325t045134361z
6 years ago0.110 SBD, 0.007 STEEM and 0.082 STEEM POWER for kathill/perspective-perspektive
6 years ago0.014 SBD and 0.008 STEEM POWER for kathill/i-hate-you-after-the-dip
6 years ago0.014 SBD and 0.008 STEEM POWER for kathill/die-britische-antwort-auf-das-muslemische-kopftuch