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last year6.278 SBD and 30.517 STEEM POWER for judethedude/my-minefraft-mansion
last year6.322 SBD and 30.041 STEEM POWER for judethedude/kcyqu4wb4m8
last year0.052 SBD and 0.315 STEEM POWER for judethedude/6f4ybk-our-epic-day-by-the-beachfront
last year3.763 SBD and 21.952 STEEM POWER for judethedude/yccef5pheud
2 years ago3.449 SBD and 21.206 STEEM POWER for judethedude/qf8d93y3rs8
2 years ago2.888 SBD and 17.556 STEEM POWER for judethedude/opocj7x1eis
2 years ago3.115 SBD and 18.825 STEEM POWER for judethedude/bgh9qvopwcp
2 years ago0.008 SBD, 3.952 STEEM and 4.277 STEEM POWER for judethedude/ntwcf57k8lk
2 years ago0.007 SBD, 3.706 STEEM and 4.013 STEEM POWER for judethedude/3tpml0oouka