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last year0.031 SBD and 0.157 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/9linlq760dr
last year0.030 SBD and 0.155 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/iuxgifanrbz
last year4.388 SBD and 21.523 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/dahi-golgappe-an-indian-delight-or-a-full-guide-to-prepare-them-at-home
last year0.032 SBD and 0.153 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/peace-in-our-minds-or-here-s-another-version
last year0.251 SBD and 1.579 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/how-and-why-to-attain-peace-in-our-minds
last year0.032 SBD and 0.203 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/the-quality-of-thoughts-matter
last year0.010 SBD and 0.062 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/doh2bzn5pd3
last year0.015 SBD and 0.091 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/one-of-the-important-things-we-miss-out-these-days-and-an-easy-way-to-regain-it-peace
last year0.144 SBD and 0.845 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/voxhe0mx39p
last year0.106 SBD and 0.621 STEEM POWER for joy-only-joy/he6zr4jddci