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2 years ago0.261 SBD and 0.517 STEEM POWER for johalys48/marriage-established-by-god-20-to-heartchurch
2 years ago0.260 SBD and 0.566 STEEM POWER for johalys48/let-god-heal-the-wounds-of-your-past-or-20-to-heartchurch
2 years ago0.293 SBD and 0.548 STEEM POWER for johalys48/manage-to-accept-yourself-and-you-will-accept-others-or-20-to-heartchurch
2 years ago0.362 SBD and 0.609 STEEM POWER for johalys48/my-devotional-strength-to-carry-on-or-20-of-this-post-goes-to-heartchurch
2 years ago0.359 SBD and 0.618 STEEM POWER for johalys48/take-advantage-of-your-talents-or-20-of-this-post-goes-to-heartchurch
2 years ago0.324 SBD and 0.556 STEEM POWER for johalys48/start-by-controlling-yourself-or-20-of-this-post-goes-to-heartchurch
2 years ago0.393 SBD and 0.683 STEEM POWER for johalys48/my-reflection-the-marriage-that-pleases-god
2 years ago0.499 SBD and 0.869 STEEM POWER for johalys48/my-reflection-build-a-victorious-family-20-to-heartchurch
2 years ago0.363 SBD and 0.549 STEEM POWER for johalys48/my-reflection-turn-defeats-into-victories
2 years ago0.354 SBD and 0.582 STEEM POWER for johalys48/my-reflection-doing-god-s-will-in-my-life