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12 hours ago1.926 SBD and 4.577 STEEM POWER for jayjes/auditorio-girona
yesterday1.719 SBD and 4.135 STEEM POWER for jayjes/maravillas-del-mundo
2 days ago1.837 SBD and 4.418 STEEM POWER for jayjes/infancia
2 days ago3.741 SBD and 8.995 STEEM POWER for jayjes/capitana-marvel
4 days ago6.096 SBD and 14.383 STEEM POWER for jayjes/reserva-africana-de-sigean-4a-parte-viaje-a-pie
4 days ago6.055 SBD and 14.286 STEEM POWER for jayjes/reserva-africana-de-sigean-3a-parte-visita-a-pie
7 days ago6.617 SBD and 13.938 STEEM POWER for jayjes/reserva-africana-de-sigean-2a-parte-visita-en-coche
8 days ago6.949 SBD and 14.515 STEEM POWER for jayjes/reserva-africana-1a-parte-viaje-en-coche