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last year0.072 SBD and 0.167 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-thedairygames-20-12-2021-lord-shiva-day
last year0.234 SBD and 0.582 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-thedairygames-13-12-2021-movie-time
2 years ago0.010 SBD and 0.019 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-thedairygames-18-11-2021-normal-day
2 years ago0.282 SBD and 0.476 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-thedairygames-or-02-10-2021-normal-day
2 years ago0.017 SBD and 0.041 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-thedairygames-or-22-09-2021-pizza-party
2 years ago3.726 SBD and 6.188 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-the-dairy-games-or-11-sep-2021-normal-day
2 years ago0.349 SBD and 0.526 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-thedairygames-or-30-sep-2021-krishna-janmashtami
2 years ago0.226 SBD and 0.416 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-thedairygames-or-22-08-2021-rashka-bandhan
2 years ago3.054 SBD and 5.625 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-the-dairygames-or-16-08-2021-normal-day
2 years ago0.270 SBD and 0.491 STEEM POWER for jatinthakur/betterlife-or-thedairygames-or-09-08-2021-third-monday-of-saavan