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26 days ago0.132 SBD and 0.653 STEEM POWER for inber/next-reflection-of-etherna-character-rotger-valdes
27 days ago0.015 SBD and 0.076 STEEM POWER for inber/going-on-with-etherna-original-art
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last month0.070 SBD and 0.353 STEEM POWER for inber/another-reflections-of-etherna-original-art-roke-alva
last month0.792 SBD and 3.973 STEEM POWER for inber/next-reflections-of-etherna-character-katari-arigo-original-art
4 months ago0.025 SBD, 15.082 STEEM and 15.375 STEEM POWER for inber/it-was-one-week-of-isolation
4 months ago0.033 SBD, 6.243 STEEM and 6.498 STEEM POWER for inber/some-music-time-and-funny-drawing