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3 years ago0.006 STEEM POWER for edgargonzalez/dia-productivo-en-mi-pesca-productive-day-on-my-fishing
3 years ago0.014 STEEM POWER for darlenys01/his-grace-triunmphed
3 years ago0.017 STEEM POWER for darlenys01/the-place-i-am-most-looking-forward-to-going-to
3 years ago0.009 STEEM POWER for thegreens/sweating-for-mother-earth-or-serving-my-community
3 years ago0.039 STEEM POWER for bettervision/learning-during-quarantine-the-role-of-the-guardian
3 years ago0.017 STEEM POWER for lopzdaniel/podrias-orar-solo-1-minuto-por-estos-pequenos
3 years ago0.010 STEEM POWER for littledisciples/our-beginnings
3 years ago0.008 STEEM POWER for sc-v/returning-to-the-dining-room-bread-from-heaven-venezuela
3 years ago0.006 STEEM POWER for bettervision/why-your-eyes-feel-dry
3 years ago0.004 STEEM POWER for lopzdaniel/todo-va-estar-bien