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last month0.610 SBD and 1.060 STEEM POWER for harshita12/achievement-5-task-1-by-harshita12-review-steemworld-org
last month0.335 SBD and 0.580 STEEM POWER for harshita12/betterlife-or-the-diary-game-or-10th-oct-2021
2 months ago0.043 SBD and 0.072 STEEM POWER for harshita12/betterlife-or-the-diary-game-or-4thoct-2021
2 months ago0.029 SBD and 0.047 STEEM POWER for harshita12/betterlife-or-the-diary-game-or-2nd-oct-2021
2 months ago0.537 SBD and 0.958 STEEM POWER for harshita12/betterlife-or-the-diary-game-or-29th-sept-2021
2 months ago0.205 SBD and 0.450 STEEM POWER for harshita12/betterlife-or-the-diary-game-or-25th-september-2021