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last year0.096 SBD and 0.580 STEEM POWER for giosou/samos-island-mykali
last year0.054 SBD and 0.335 STEEM POWER for giosou/2xn3mw-samos-island
last year0.181 SBD, 0.160 STEEM and 1.388 STEEM POWER for giosou/3rbhxa-samos-island
last year0.142 SBD, 0.465 STEEM and 1.469 STEEM POWER for giosou/samos-island
2 years ago0.118 SBD and 0.598 STEEM POWER for giosou/east-samos-beach
2 years ago0.153 SBD and 0.755 STEEM POWER for giosou/it-s-a-beautiful-day
2 years ago0.220 SBD and 1.289 STEEM POWER for giosou/tsabou-beach-winter-mode
2 years ago0.000 SBD, 0.164 STEEM and 0.176 STEEM POWER for giosou/ducks
2 years ago0.006 SBD, 0.127 STEEM and 0.175 STEEM POWER for giosou/the-iside-of-a-fallen-old-60-s-home
2 years ago0.036 SBD, 0.089 STEEM and 0.305 STEEM POWER for giosou/to-the-beach-in-spring-day