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last year0.090 SBD and 0.227 STEEM POWER for gerakam/the-diary-game-preparation-of-water-fufu-29-03-2022
2 years ago0.115 SBD and 0.306 STEEM POWER for gerakam/the-effects-of-wars-on-businesses-in-the-world-club100
2 years ago0.029 SBD and 0.089 STEEM POWER for gerakam/steem-cameroon-best-day-contest-18-03-2022
2 years ago1.444 SBD and 4.497 STEEM POWER for gerakam/the-diary-game-14-03-2022
2 years ago0.182 SBD and 0.583 STEEM POWER for gerakam/welcome-me-into-club100-steemit-friends
2 years ago0.039 SBD and 0.132 STEEM POWER for gerakam/creative-writing-why-we-should-forgive
2 years ago1.100 SBD and 3.690 STEEM POWER for gerakam/steem-cameroon-best-day-contest-10-03-2022
2 years ago0.030 SBD and 0.106 STEEM POWER for gerakam/creative-writing-wait-for-rain-to-start-before-you-start-planting
2 years ago0.053 SBD and 0.180 STEEM POWER for gerakam/the-diary-game-steem-power-up-15-02-2022
2 years ago0.100 SBD and 0.331 STEEM POWER for gerakam/steem-cameroon-best-day-contest-26-02-2022