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yesterday14.805 SBD and 34.601 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/the-ridiculous-nature-of-continued-lockdowns-in-da-nang-vietnam
5 days ago11.734 SBD and 23.531 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/visas-in-vietnam-things-are-getting-a-bit-scary-for-the-expat-community-here
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12 days ago23.754 SBD and 43.569 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/police-are-spotlighting-the-beach-at-night-to-enforce-the-covid-rules
13 days ago12.526 SBD and 23.405 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/bo-ne-vietnamese-dish-where-have-you-been-my-whole-life
15 days ago19.806 SBD and 37.017 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/think-you-have-it-bad-for-covid-this-guy-is-truly-locked-down
17 days ago24.629 SBD and 39.609 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/more-bike-riding-time-during-lockdown
18 days ago25.897 SBD and 41.587 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/the-desolate-and-empty-streets-of-da-nang
23 days ago24.687 SBD and 36.830 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/lockdown-bike-ride-to-monkey-mountain
26 days ago28.251 SBD and 36.371 STEEM POWER for gabe.radke/all-da-nang-s-activities-are-closed-except-rich-people-activities