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last year5.133 SBD and 25.658 STEEM POWER for fionasfavourites/english-with-fiona-about-writing-and-speaking
last year0.233 SBD and 1.390 STEEM POWER for fionasfavourites/english-with-fiona
last year4.350 SBD and 25.368 STEEM POWER for fionasfavourites/balancing-act-or-slippery-slope
last year0.288 SBD and 1.879 STEEM POWER for fionasfavourites/a-taste-of-france-ii
last year0.111 SBD, 0.355 STEEM and 1.133 STEEM POWER for fionasfavourites/ducks-drakes-and-croc-socks