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last year0.265 SBD and 1.374 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1591854732204-s
last year1.195 SBD and 6.156 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1591535424204
last year0.212 SBD and 1.095 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1591511742051
last year0.417 SBD and 1.973 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1591391329939
last year0.347 SBD and 1.748 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1590964578465
last year0.122 SBD and 0.620 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1590885162600
last year0.215 SBD and 1.095 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1590828409320
last year0.228 SBD and 1.161 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1590711435075
last year0.168 SBD and 0.836 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1590623346545
last year0.319 SBD and 1.554 STEEM POWER for ffcrossculture/wherein-1590539530918