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4 months ago0.206 SBD and 0.659 STEEM POWER for etiufan/putting-off-the-junk
10 months ago2.386 SBD and 5.036 STEEM POWER for etiufan/the-audacity-of-the-cheating-games-or-or-20-to-teamg-nigeria
10 months ago1.038 SBD and 2.800 STEEM POWER for etiufan/the-humiliation-story
10 months ago1.156 SBD and 3.365 STEEM POWER for etiufan/certificate-over-knowledge-or-knowledge-over-certificate
10 months ago1.269 SBD and 3.321 STEEM POWER for etiufan/mehn-some-ladies-are-skilled-in-shooting-shots
11 months ago2.122 SBD and 4.100 STEEM POWER for etiufan/the-little-things-that-matter
last year1.789 SBD and 3.446 STEEM POWER for etiufan/the-power-of-professing-positivity
last year1.731 SBD and 2.349 STEEM POWER for etiufan/the-battle
last year2.857 SBD and 3.261 STEEM POWER for etiufan/that-special-book
last year2.153 SBD and 2.555 STEEM POWER for etiufan/that-gentle-miry-clay