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last month0.013 SBD and 0.029 STEEM POWER for epic4chris/epic4chris-re-fabianklauder-appics-im-14040-20190310t083721708z
last month0.027 SBD and 0.060 STEEM POWER for epic4chris/epic4chris-re-clayrawlings-pardon-the-disruption-chapter-ten-20190310t083323042z
last month0.027 SBD and 0.059 STEEM POWER for epic4chris/epic4chris-re-vishalhkothari-vishalhkothari-re-clayrawlings-pardon-the-disruption-chapter-ten-20190310t083258815z
last month0.014 SBD and 0.031 STEEM POWER for epic4chris/744cd3e711
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last month0.061 SBD and 0.129 STEEM POWER for epic4chris/2bb243d9fc