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last year0.274 SBD and 0.558 STEEM POWER for enderson49/hug-your-family-and-put-aside-the-differences-20-for-heartchurch
last year0.362 SBD and 0.599 STEEM POWER for enderson49/blessed-and-prosperous-family-20-for-heartchurch
last year0.029 SBD and 0.047 STEEM POWER for enderson49/make-friends-with-god-20-for-heartchurch
last year0.276 SBD and 0.459 STEEM POWER for enderson49/the-power-of-love-20-for-heartchurch
last year0.314 SBD and 0.527 STEEM POWER for enderson49/grow-inside-20-for-heartchurch
last year0.325 SBD and 0.545 STEEM POWER for enderson49/give-up-negative-thoughts
last year0.369 SBD and 0.631 STEEM POWER for enderson49/just-praise-god-20-to-heartchurch
last year0.412 SBD and 0.606 STEEM POWER for enderson49/be-a-person-of-action
last year0.350 SBD and 0.554 STEEM POWER for enderson49/the-key-to-progress-is-the-beginning
last year0.297 SBD and 0.510 STEEM POWER for enderson49/obeying-god-leads-to-the-path-of-success