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7 hours ago0.064 SBD and 0.166 STEEM POWER for eii/myflowerphotography-14-01-2022
8 hours ago0.045 SBD and 0.116 STEEM POWER for eii/mynaturalgarden-14-01-2022
8 hours ago0.017 SBD and 0.045 STEEM POWER for eii/mydailycolor-14-01-2022
yesterday0.014 SBD and 0.038 STEEM POWER for eii/r5n99q
yesterday0.069 SBD and 0.174 STEEM POWER for eii/mynaturalgarden-13-01-2022
yesterday0.017 SBD and 0.043 STEEM POWER for eii/mymacrophotography-13-01-2022
yesterday0.013 SBD and 0.035 STEEM POWER for eii/mydailycolor-13-01-2022
2 days ago0.034 SBD and 0.085 STEEM POWER for eii/mystructurephotography-12-01-2022
2 days ago0.023 SBD and 0.059 STEEM POWER for eii/mydailycolor-12-01-2022
3 days ago0.045 SBD and 0.110 STEEM POWER for eii/mylandscapephotography-11-01-2022