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7 months ago0.018 SBD and 0.044 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/r4ujql
7 months ago0.050 SBD and 0.120 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/stop-plastic-in-the-sea-1
last year0.008 SBD and 0.028 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/qwaztx
last year0.009 SBD and 0.029 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/pulsechain
last year1.988 SBD and 4.223 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/somewhere-in-paradise
last year0.005 SBD and 0.010 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/qtqfx5
last year0.005 SBD and 0.010 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/qtngip
last year2.832 SBD and 4.813 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/a-strange-flower
last year0.448 SBD and 0.748 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/the-world-of-xpilar-cityscape-photography-and-art-contest-week-079
last year0.323 SBD and 0.582 STEEM POWER for dudithedoctor/turtle-hunting-for-food