Dragos Roua

Story teller, geek, light seeker and runner. Not necessarily in that order. Maker of the steem.supply app.

Valencia, Spain steem.supply Joined October 2016

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4 years ago0.214 STEEM POWER for dragosroua/re-creativeblue-q7um9j
4 years ago0.202 STEEM POWER for dragosroua/current-situation-replaying-blocks-on-my-hive-witness-node
4 years ago0.199 STEEM POWER for theycallmedan/steemians-prepare-for-hive
4 years ago0.270 STEEM POWER for blocktrades/blocktrades-will-soon-be-offering-full-exchange-services-in-addition-to-instant-exchange-service
4 years ago0.209 STEEM POWER for dragosroua/steem-supply-will-support-the-hive-chain-prepare-for-hive-supply
4 years ago0.097 STEEM POWER for anyx/it-s-time-to-decentralize
4 years ago0.061 STEEM POWER for georgemales/q7e1yq
4 years ago0.041 STEEM POWER for steemmillionaire/re-dragosroua-2020318t1314172z
4 years ago0.062 STEEM POWER for georgemales/q7e14k
4 years ago0.244 STEEM POWER for dragosroua/the-new-steem-is-called-hive-and-it-s-launching-in-two-days