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Content promotion service. Send at least 0.1 Steem with the link to the publication to promote. Min 85% mana for voting. +12% ROI for delegators

Steem Joined December 2021

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6 months ago2.183 STEEM POWER for steem-venera/photos-of-young-shoots-of-potatoes
6 months ago1.642 STEEM POWER for yusriz4l/beetles-perched-on-green-leaves
6 months ago1.976 STEEM POWER for blackcaron/photography-macro-minifigure-376
6 months ago3.488 STEEM POWER for fahriz4l/photography-730-macro-shot-or-or-flower
6 months ago2.183 STEEM POWER for steem-venera/photos-of-tulips-that-grew-in-my-garden
6 months ago2.055 STEEM POWER for reetuahlawat/this-is-635th-photo-of-the-day
6 months ago0.963 STEEM POWER for yusriz4l/kzq8s-plant-eating-beetle
6 months ago1.563 STEEM POWER for brwhale/what-s-avfm-en-sp-pt
6 months ago0.945 STEEM POWER for blackcaron/photography-macro-minifigure-375
6 months ago3.385 STEEM POWER for fahriz4l/photography-729-macro-shot-or-or-flower