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3 years ago1.291 SBD and 1.125 STEEM POWER for dev00100000/fantasy-football-key-movement-kansas-city-chiefs
3 years ago0.751 SBD and 0.641 STEEM POWER for dev00100000/fantasy-football-key-movement-jacksonville-jaguars
3 years ago0.563 SBD and 0.392 STEEM POWER for dev00100000/re-kevinwong-re-dev00100000-re-kevinwong-all-that-s-left-on-my-poloniex-20170704t161033045z
3 years ago0.296 SBD and 0.206 STEEM POWER for dev00100000/re-kevinwong-all-that-s-left-on-my-poloniex-20170704t153650598z