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yesterdayReceived 0.569 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-08 UPVU 보상 0.569(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-06-02] 스팀파워:8166.565SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-08 UPVU reward 1.138 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-06-02] SteemPower:8166.565SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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2 days agoReceived 0.543 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-07 UPVU 보상 0.543(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-06-01] 스팀파워:8165.938SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-07 UPVU reward 1.087 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-06-01] SteemPower:8165.938SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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3 days agoReceived 0.534 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-06 UPVU 보상 0.534(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-31] 스팀파워:8165.317SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-06 UPVU reward 1.069 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-31] SteemPower:8165.317SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
4 days agoTransfer 15.786 STEEM POWER to da8ja
4 days agoClaim rewards: 1.739 STEEM and 1.950 STEEM POWER
4 days agoReceived 0.531 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-05 UPVU 보상 0.531(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-30] 스팀파워:8164.693SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-05 UPVU reward 1.062 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-30] SteemPower:8164.693SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
5 days agoClaim rewards: 1.780 STEEM and 1.940 STEEM POWER
5 days agoReceived 0.565 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-04 UPVU 보상 0.565(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-29] 스팀파워:8164.065SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-04 UPVU reward 1.131 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-29] SteemPower:8164.065SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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6 days agoClaim rewards: 1.759 STEEM and 1.811 STEEM POWER
6 days agoReceived 0.578 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-03 UPVU 보상 0.578(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-28] 스팀파워:8100.624SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-03 UPVU reward 1.157 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-28] SteemPower:8100.624SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
7 days agoClaim rewards: 2.340 STEEM and 2.497 STEEM POWER
7 days agoReceived 0.521 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-02 UPVU 보상 0.521(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-27] 스팀파워:8100.000SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-02 UPVU reward 1.042 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-27] SteemPower:8100.000SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
8 days agoClaim rewards: 2.212 STEEM and 2.215 STEEM POWER
8 days agoReceived 0.764 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-01 UPVU 보상 0.764(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-26] 스팀파워:12172.404SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-01 UPVU reward 1.528 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-26] SteemPower:12172.404SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
9 days agoClaim rewards: 2.177 STEEM and 2.179 STEEM POWER
9 days agoReceived 0.820 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-31 UPVU 보상 0.82(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-25] 스팀파워:12171.466SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-31 UPVU reward 1.64 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-25] SteemPower:12171.466SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
10 days agoTransfer 5.978 STEEM POWER to da8ja
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10 days agoReceived 0.804 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-30 UPVU 보상 0.804(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-24] 스팀파워:12170.527SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-30 UPVU reward 1.608 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-24] SteemPower:12170.527SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
11 days agoClaim rewards: 2.202 STEEM and 2.205 STEEM POWER
11 days agoReceived 0.814 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-29 UPVU 보상 0.814(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-23] 스팀파워:12169.592SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-29 UPVU reward 1.629 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-23] SteemPower:12169.592SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
12 days agoTransfer 6.044 STEEM POWER to da8ja
12 days agoClaim rewards: 4.381 STEEM and 4.387 STEEM POWER
12 days agoReceived 0.874 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-28 UPVU 보상 0.874(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-22] 스팀파워:12168.655SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-28 UPVU reward 1.749 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-22] SteemPower:12168.655SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
13 days agoReceived 0.789 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-27 UPVU 보상 0.789(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-21] 스팀파워:12167.720SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-27 UPVU reward 1.578 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-21] SteemPower:12167.720SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
14 days agoTransfer 30.151 STEEM POWER to da8ja
14 days agoClaim rewards: 2.057 STEEM and 2.060 STEEM POWER
14 days agoReceived 0.774 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-26 UPVU 보상 0.774(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-20] 스팀파워:12166.783SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-26 UPVU reward 1.548 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-20] SteemPower:12166.783SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
15 days agoClaim rewards: 2.027 STEEM and 2.030 STEEM POWER
15 days agoReceived 0.791 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-25 UPVU 보상 0.791(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-19] 스팀파워:12165.845SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-25 UPVU reward 1.582 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-19] SteemPower:12165.845SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
16 days agoClaim rewards: 4.052 STEEM and 4.059 STEEM POWER
16 days agoReceived 0.785 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-24 UPVU 보상 0.785(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-18] 스팀파워:12164.905SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-24 UPVU reward 1.57 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-18] SteemPower:12164.905SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
17 days agoReceived 0.823 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-23 UPVU 보상 0.823(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-17] 스팀파워:12163.965SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-23 UPVU reward 1.646 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-17] SteemPower:12163.965SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
18 days agoClaim rewards: 2.022 STEEM and 2.026 STEEM POWER
18 days agoReceived 0.847 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-22 UPVU 보상 0.847(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-16] 스팀파워:12163.025SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-22 UPVU reward 1.694 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-16] SteemPower:12163.025SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
19 days agoClaim rewards: 6.385 STEEM and 6.396 STEEM POWER
19 days agoReceived 0.787 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-21 UPVU 보상 0.787(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-15] 스팀파워:12127.666SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-21 UPVU reward 1.575 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-15] SteemPower:12127.666SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
20 days agoReceived 0.819 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-20 UPVU 보상 0.819(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-14] 스팀파워:12126.731SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-20 UPVU reward 1.638 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-14] SteemPower:12126.731SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
21 days agoReceived 0.836 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-19 UPVU 보상 0.836(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-13] 스팀파워:12125.797SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-19 UPVU reward 1.673 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-13] SteemPower:12125.797SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
22 days agoClaim rewards: 2.113 STEEM and 2.118 STEEM POWER
22 days agoReceived 0.826 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-18 UPVU 보상 0.826(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-12] 스팀파워:12124.862SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-18 UPVU reward 1.652 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-12] SteemPower:12124.862SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
23 days agoClaim rewards: 2.048 STEEM and 2.053 STEEM POWER
23 days agoReceived 0.916 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-17 UPVU 보상 0.916(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-11] 스팀파워:12123.928SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-17 UPVU reward 1.833 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-11] SteemPower:12123.928SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
24 days agoReceived 1.243 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-16 UPVU 보상 1.243(Boost : N) STEEM(미포스팅 보너스 적용). [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-10] 스팀파워:12122.991SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-16 UPVU reward 2.486 STEEM(Bonus that not posting). [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-10] SteemPower:12122.991SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
25 days agoTransfer 20.874 STEEM POWER to da8ja
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25 days agoReceived 0.900 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-15 UPVU 보상 0.9(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-09] 스팀파워:12122.054SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-15 UPVU reward 1.801 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-09] SteemPower:12122.054SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
26 days agoReceived 0.820 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-14 UPVU 보상 0.82(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-08] 스팀파워:12100.787SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-14 UPVU reward 1.641 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-08] SteemPower:12100.787SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
27 days agoReceived 0.865 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-13 UPVU 보상 0.865(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-07] 스팀파워:12099.854SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-13 UPVU reward 1.731 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-07] SteemPower:12099.854SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
28 days agoReceived 0.794 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-12 UPVU 보상 0.794(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-06] 스팀파워:12098.922SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-12 UPVU reward 1.589 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-06] SteemPower:12098.922SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
29 days agoReceived 0.813 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-11 UPVU 보상 0.813(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-05] 스팀파워:12097.989SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-11 UPVU reward 1.626 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-05] SteemPower:12097.989SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
29 days agoReceived 0.840 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-10 UPVU 보상 0.84(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-04] 스팀파워:12097.057SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-10 UPVU reward 1.68 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-04] SteemPower:12097.057SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
last monthReceived 0.819 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-09 UPVU 보상 0.819(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-03] 스팀파워:12070.612SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-09 UPVU reward 1.639 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-03] SteemPower:12070.612SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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last monthReceived 0.826 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-07 UPVU 보상 0.826(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-01] 스팀파워:12068.748SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-07 UPVU reward 1.652 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-01] SteemPower:12068.748SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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last monthReceived 0.001 STEEM from alexmove.witnessHi, da8ja! If you like contests, then I invite you to take part in a series of contests "Workplace" from SelfDevelopment Club. Total prize fund: 375 STEEM. Details in the SelfDevelopment Club community. Have a good day, da8ja! Good luck! 20230506
last monthReceived 0.832 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-06 UPVU 보상 0.832(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-30] 스팀파워:12067.840SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-06 UPVU reward 1.664 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-30] SteemPower:12067.840SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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last monthReceived 0.824 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-04 UPVU 보상 0.824(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-28] 스팀파워:12066.040SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-04 UPVU reward 1.648 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-28] SteemPower:12066.040SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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last monthReceived 0.805 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-02 UPVU 보상 0.805(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-26] 스팀파워:12038.835SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-02 UPVU reward 1.61 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-26] SteemPower:12038.835SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
last monthReceived 0.823 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-01 UPVU 보상 0.823(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-25] 스팀파워:12037.905SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-01 UPVU reward 1.646 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-25] SteemPower:12037.905SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
last monthReceived 0.781 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-04-30 UPVU 보상 0.781(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-24] 스팀파워:12036.976SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-04-30 UPVU reward 1.563 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-24] SteemPower:12036.976SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
last monthReceived 1.199 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-04-29 UPVU 보상 1.199(Boost : N) STEEM(미포스팅 보너스 적용). [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-23] 스팀파워:12036.047SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-04-29 UPVU reward 2.399 STEEM(Bonus that not posting). [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-23] SteemPower:12036.047SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
last monthReceived 0.805 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-04-28 UPVU 보상 0.805(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-22] 스팀파워:12017.818SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-04-28 UPVU reward 1.611 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-22] SteemPower:12017.818SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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