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11 months ago0.975 SBD and 3.222 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/let-s-not-ignore-what-god-can-do
11 months ago0.952 SBD and 3.190 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/a-blessing-every-day
11 months ago0.922 SBD and 3.248 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/a-town-redeemed
11 months ago1.044 SBD and 3.237 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/the-best-thing-that-ever-happened-to-you
11 months ago1.053 SBD and 3.144 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/break
last year1.121 SBD and 3.207 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/beliefs-that-take-us-away-from-the-purpose
last year1.027 SBD and 3.160 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/the-two-faces-of-forgiveness
last year0.945 SBD and 3.248 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/what-you-don-t-water-dies
last year1.205 SBD and 3.181 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/study-us
last year1.325 SBD and 3.275 STEEM POWER for coronadoedgar/something-more-than-patience