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17 days ago0.316 SBD and 0.509 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/6u6mbopuy1t
20 days ago0.433 SBD and 0.735 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/clean-planet-is-disapointed-look-at-that
23 days ago0.820 SBD and 1.127 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/make-a-symbolic-donation
28 days ago0.884 SBD and 1.010 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/still-available-earn-clean-token-ct-burn-meca-for-ct-get-upvote-from-cleanplanet
29 days ago0.906 SBD and 1.024 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/will-you-participate
last month0.132 SBD and 0.145 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/qsstz4
last month0.141 SBD and 0.153 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/qsscau
last month0.991 SBD and 1.064 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/un-don-symbolique-a-clean-planet
last month0.006 SBD and 0.007 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/qsra6m
last month1.420 SBD and 1.393 STEEM POWER for cleanplanet/cleanplanet-rewarded-eco-citizen-act-be-paid-to-clean-up-the-planet-get-steem-and-clean-token