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8 months ago0.087 SBD, 0.132 STEEM and 0.461 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1652799061861-s
last year0.978 SBD and 2.060 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1638150699060-s
last year1.596 SBD and 2.518 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1637855290952-s
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last year0.236 SBD and 0.509 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1632157918147-s
last year1.110 SBD and 2.348 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1632051125134-s
last year1.303 SBD and 2.226 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1630639257369-s
last year1.728 SBD and 2.564 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1630339360897-s
last year1.368 SBD and 2.550 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1629019935806-s
last year1.442 SBD and 3.063 STEEM POWER for cathy12/wherein-1627736935504-s