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14 days ago0.300 SBD and 0.588 STEEM POWER for carlis20/successful-parents-successful-children
18 days ago0.208 SBD and 0.447 STEEM POWER for carlis20/avoid-the-crisis-in-your-marriage-20-for-heartchurch
19 days ago0.231 SBD and 0.478 STEEM POWER for carlis20/victorious-family-in-the-eyes-of-god-20-for-heartchurch
22 days ago0.299 SBD and 0.606 STEEM POWER for carlis20/be-fertile-ground-for-god-to-plant-20-in-heartchurch
26 days ago0.311 SBD and 0.517 STEEM POWER for carlis20/husbands-love-your-wives-and-vice-versa-20-to-heartchurch
28 days ago0.331 SBD and 0.528 STEEM POWER for carlis20/faith-is-the-ingredient-of-success-20-for-heartchurch
last month0.353 SBD and 0.562 STEEM POWER for carlis20/for-those-who-believe-anything-is-possible-20-to-heartchurch
last month0.296 SBD and 0.482 STEEM POWER for carlis20/if-you-can-do-it-20-to-heartchurch
last month0.339 SBD and 0.548 STEEM POWER for carlis20/knocking-down-all-haughtiness-20-to-heartchurch
last month0.398 SBD and 0.653 STEEM POWER for carlis20/make-every-calamity-an-opportunity