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yesterday1.240 SBD and 3.684 STEEM POWER for carlis20/steemit-crypto-academy-season-3-or-or-profesor-lenonmc21-semana-3-or-or-tendencias-soportes-resistencias-y-patrones-de-graficos
2 days ago0.230 SBD and 0.685 STEEM POWER for carlis20/born-for-christ
3 days ago0.251 SBD and 0.747 STEEM POWER for carlis20/don-t-let-your-tongue-devour-me
6 days ago0.007 SBD and 0.019 STEEM POWER for carlis20/how-do-you-want-people-to-treat-you
8 days ago0.280 SBD and 0.719 STEEM POWER for carlis20/devotional-riches-are-not-to-be-trusted
9 days ago0.280 SBD and 0.701 STEEM POWER for carlis20/the-power-of-prayer-when-facing-difficult-times
12 days ago0.293 SBD and 0.733 STEEM POWER for carlis20/family-unity-attracts-blessing
14 days ago0.261 SBD and 0.685 STEEM POWER for carlis20/do-not-be-discouraged-by-what-you-live-strive-and-trust-god
15 days ago2.677 SBD and 7.133 STEEM POWER for carlis20/have-the-mind-of-a-conqueror-of-blessings
18 days ago0.379 SBD and 1.014 STEEM POWER for carlis20/let-god-help-you-in-your-problems