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10 months ago0.424 SBD and 0.387 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-dygy-kitty-challenge-results
10 months ago0.255 SBD and 0.588 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-are-you-cat-enough-for-the-dygy-kitty-challenge
11 months ago0.152 SBD and 0.419 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-community-proposals-for-tournament-changes
last year0.124 SBD and 0.686 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-land-presale-raffle-results
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last year0.102 SBD and 0.671 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-helping-small-players-get-land
last year0.079 SBD, 0.439 STEEM and 1.017 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-land-presale-analysis
last year0.157 SBD and 1.030 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-collection-power-totals-for-leagues
last year0.124 SBD, 0.238 STEEM and 1.084 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-staches-of-the-splinterverse
last year0.522 SBD and 2.297 STEEM POWER for byzantinist/splinterlands-a-history-of-reward-systems