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4 hours ago0.008 SBD and 0.020 STEEM POWER for booster007/11-06-2021-eth-to-usdt
4 hours ago0.067 SBD and 0.164 STEEM POWER for booster007/11-06-2021-btc-to-usdt
yesterday0.064 SBD and 0.152 STEEM POWER for booster007/10-06-2021-eth-to-usdt
yesterday0.064 SBD and 0.152 STEEM POWER for booster007/10-06-2021-btc-to-usdt
6 days ago0.340 SBD and 0.701 STEEM POWER for booster007/05-06-2021-eth-to-usdt
6 days ago0.231 SBD and 0.475 STEEM POWER for booster007/05-06-2021-btc-to-usdt
7 days ago0.116 SBD and 0.240 STEEM POWER for booster007/04-06-2021-btc-to-usdt
7 days ago0.114 SBD and 0.235 STEEM POWER for booster007/04-06-2021-eth-to-usdt
11 days ago0.679 SBD and 1.255 STEEM POWER for booster007/31-05-2021-eth-to-usdt
11 days ago0.661 SBD and 1.223 STEEM POWER for booster007/31-05-2021-btc-to-usdt