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It is trivial - SEND MINIMUM 1 SBD or STEEM to THIS account with a link to your post/comment in the MEMO field! - So Easy, Welcome to @Booster! :)

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3 years ago0.272 STEEM POWER for kp138/view-of-seattle
3 years ago0.713 STEEM POWER for omp/dailyflowersphotography-my-entry-74
3 years ago0.657 STEEM POWER for omp/dailytoysphotography-my-entry-80
3 years ago0.292 STEEM POWER for bonp/my-black-and-white-photography-challenge-entry-70
3 years ago0.760 STEEM POWER for periods/tear-water-no-watering
3 years ago0.496 STEEM POWER for josepimpo/appics-v1-appics-im-46359
3 years ago0.634 STEEM POWER for akash2018/is-a-photo
3 years ago0.099 STEEM POWER for irisworld/atctyhvrgstajh4pgcn798osgz9y9kcu
3 years ago0.322 STEEM POWER for leader1/colorful-luxury-flowers
3 years ago2.347 STEEM POWER for criptoinversion/analaisi-de-btc-de-20-de-noviembre