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yesterday0.119 SBD and 0.205 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/the-diary-game-17-10-2021
7 days ago0.012 SBD and 0.023 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/jblkjb
7 days ago0.029 SBD and 0.053 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/steem-cameroon-contest-or-or-record-my-status-volume-7-14-10-2021
7 days ago0.488 SBD and 0.870 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/steem-cameroon-best-day-contest-14-10-2021
9 days ago0.619 SBD and 1.083 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/the-diary-game-10-10-2021-worst-experience-with-the-military
12 days ago2.407 SBD and 4.005 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/the-diary-game-07-10-2021
13 days ago6.929 SBD and 11.525 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/klgfki
15 days ago3.095 SBD and 5.108 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/jkl
16 days ago0.344 SBD and 0.564 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/steem-cameroon-contest-or-or-record-my-status-volume-6-05-10-2021
17 days ago0.097 SBD and 0.157 STEEM POWER for blaisebass1/steem-cameroon-contest-or-or-record-my-status-volume-6-04-10-2021