Samuel Asante kodua

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last year0.097 SBD and 0.312 STEEM POWER for bigssam/love-the-commandment-of-the-old-and-new-testament
last year0.281 SBD and 0.939 STEEM POWER for bigssam/just-have-believe-in-the-word
last year0.251 SBD and 0.860 STEEM POWER for bigssam/many-things-that-tell-us-more-about-the-existence-of-god
last year0.289 SBD and 0.937 STEEM POWER for bigssam/enjoy-a-trouble-free-day-for-god-is-in-control
last year0.316 SBD and 1.000 STEEM POWER for bigssam/let-us-not-focus-all-on-earthly-things
last year0.332 SBD and 0.999 STEEM POWER for bigssam/for-all-we-are-is-just-a-is-dust
last year0.085 SBD and 0.256 STEEM POWER for bigssam/3cq7eq-my-town-in-ten-pictures-kumasi-my-town
last year0.324 SBD and 0.974 STEEM POWER for bigssam/nothing-last-forever
last year0.029 SBD and 0.084 STEEM POWER for bigssam/four-ways-the-holy-spirit-works-in-the-life-of-a-believer
last year0.097 SBD and 0.281 STEEM POWER for bigssam/3uzhr8-my-town-in-ten-pictures-kumasi-my-town