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11 months ago1.023 SBD and 5.226 STEEM POWER for barbara-orenya/some-weird-insect-as-a-new-digital-illustration-eng-fr
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11 months ago0.122 SBD and 0.604 STEEM POWER for barbara-orenya/caturday-collage-illustration-eng-fr
11 months ago0.231 SBD and 1.152 STEEM POWER for barbara-orenya/cherry-picking-eng-fr
11 months ago0.336 SBD and 1.669 STEEM POWER for barbara-orenya/a-festival-of-flower-hearts-eng-fr
last year0.888 SBD and 4.327 STEEM POWER for barbara-orenya/a-digital-fun-playing-with-a-colorful-creature-eng-fr
last year1.015 SBD and 4.904 STEEM POWER for barbara-orenya/the-froggy-project-part-two-and-how-to