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last year10.041 SBD and 47.569 STEEM POWER for bait002/our-desires-help-redesign-our-future
last year9.225 SBD and 43.705 STEEM POWER for bait002/slowing-down-to-achieve-more
last year8.536 SBD and 41.193 STEEM POWER for bait002/reasons-why-hitting-rock-bottom-could-be-the-best-thing-for-you
last year7.210 SBD and 40.848 STEEM POWER for bait002/you-are-either-a-gift-to-be-delivered
last year7.150 SBD and 42.116 STEEM POWER for bait002/see-how-to-handle-these-3-stages-of-failure