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4 years ago0.048 SBD and 0.164 STEEM POWER for andrea97/re-braaiboy-guess-and-win-with-meatymondays-29-april-2019-sbi-shares-steemmonsters-and-upvotes-20190501t161648125z
4 years ago0.187 SBD and 0.632 STEEM POWER for andrea97/andd24e127c34
4 years ago0.193 SBD and 0.626 STEEM POWER for andrea97/and2aac50808a
4 years ago0.204 SBD and 0.661 STEEM POWER for andrea97/and089d1e18d4
4 years ago0.206 SBD and 0.666 STEEM POWER for andrea97/andfa38ebd306
4 years ago0.200 SBD and 0.652 STEEM POWER for andrea97/and697de81cfe
4 years ago0.192 SBD and 0.628 STEEM POWER for andrea97/and99634e7283
4 years ago0.172 SBD and 0.557 STEEM POWER for andrea97/and5813333e82
4 years ago0.168 SBD and 0.545 STEEM POWER for andrea97/andbfc19d26ef
4 years ago0.169 SBD and 0.547 STEEM POWER for andrea97/andbd2155693b