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Author Rewards History

last year0.007 SBD and 0.020 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/stair-made-from-stones-ruins-of-fukuoka--2019-05-22-14-39-50
last year0.012 SBD and 0.043 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/re-andiwolf-re-nigelmarkdias-alfred-krup-20190504t184730z
last year0.012 SBD and 0.043 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/re-andiwolf-re-nigelmarkdias-pakistan--r-20190504t184325z
last year0.000 SBD, 0.029 STEEM and 0.030 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/flowery-manhole-in-matsuyama-japan--2019-01-07-18-28-33
last year0.000 SBD, 0.025 STEEM and 0.026 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/sing-says-something-like---very-2019-0-6-20-17-48
last year0.000 SBD, 0.018 STEEM and 0.020 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/lots-of-wood-along-the-coast-ehime-japan-2018-12-19-16-22-03
last year0.000 SBD, 0.037 STEEM and 0.039 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/golden-rice--2018-12-14-07-55-44
last year0.000 SBD, 0.017 STEEM and 0.019 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/walking-along-the-river-matsuyama--2018-12-09-12-56-03
last year0.000 SBD, 0.019 STEEM and 0.021 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/inside-castle-grounds--matsuyam-2018-11-2-6-41-53
last year0.000 SBD, 0.042 STEEM and 0.044 STEEM POWER for andiwolf/walking-around-dogo-park--2018-10-1-14-22-25