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11 hours ago3.405 SBD and 5.872 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/gxk72-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox
yesterday3.439 SBD and 5.873 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/target-december-100-power-up-achieve-1645-sp-week-12
2 days ago3.508 SBD and 5.830 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/6rejds-or-or-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox
3 days ago3.707 SBD and 6.162 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/5898br-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox
4 days ago3.049 SBD and 5.037 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/4zhg4q-or-or-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox
5 days ago3.377 SBD and 5.576 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/3yaxsa-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox
6 days ago3.457 SBD and 5.635 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/4cmi9n-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox
7 days ago3.052 SBD and 4.911 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/pvy8x-or-or-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox
8 days ago1.926 SBD and 3.070 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/cryptocurrency-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox
9 days ago2.506 SBD and 3.997 STEEM POWER for alsarzilsiam/3wejer-or-or-or-or-10-beneficiaries-shy-fox