I'm awakened

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5 years ago0.018 SBD and 0.017 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/weather-warfare
5 years ago0.019 SBD and 0.021 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/re-finnian-unacknowledged-an-expose-of-the-world-s-greatest-secret-20170921t223012211z
5 years ago1.261 SBD and 1.340 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/i-am-introducing-myself
6 years ago0.183 SBD and 0.166 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/man-made-hurricanes
6 years ago0.011 SBD and 0.010 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/re-claytonv-re-albertwoolridge-there-is-enough-to-go-around-20170903t101438552z
6 years ago0.049 SBD and 0.040 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/re-kayleigh-alesta-do-you-think-i-m-sexy-20170902t113324855z
6 years ago0.064 SBD and 0.053 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/re-ctrl-alt-nwo-re-ubg-re-ctrl-alt-nwo-re-ubg-how-to-say-goodbye-20170824t015832907z
6 years ago0.033 SBD and 0.028 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/awakening
6 years ago0.021 SBD and 0.020 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/don-t-rush-love
6 years ago0.018 SBD and 0.019 STEEM POWER for albertwoolridge/re-venuspcs-help-needed-desperately-need-descent-vehicle-so-i-can-work-20170811t125804302z